Should SANFL season have started this weekend?

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Should SANFL Season this weekend!

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Should SANFL season have started this weekend?

Post by PhilH on Sun Mar 17, 2019 10:49 am

It is a Mid March weekend and there is no AFL Men's games leading into their season start on Thursday.

No AFLW in Adelaide either with Crows playing in Melbourne.

Should this be an opportunity for SANFL to start it's Men's season as the biggest game in town.

We have already lost the October SANFL Grand Final date.

Issues to address

: Ground availability
   - True some grounds (Prospect, Woodville, Glenelg) are not available for this weekend due to Cricket
   - But there are enough (Norwood, Richmond, Noarlunga, Elizabeth) to schedule a round.

: When does season end?
   - Extending season 2 weeks is an issue with even more split rounds and byes.
   - Suggestion is stretch 1 more week and have GF weekend 1 week earlier (AFL Semi Final week)
   - This means SANFL Semi Final DH is on the AFL bye week leading into finals, our best four teams in action with no AFL games could also get bigger turnup.

: Crows & Port SANFL sides wanting this weekend off as per AFL players
   - fine, have the weekend off, focus on the 8 traditional clubs'
   - schedule the make up game Crows v Port during state game weekend (None of their players would be in state side).


: Greater media coverage and attendances at round 1 games

: We get our favourite football earlier.  OK this is my real reason, I get stir crazy waiting for SANFL season to eventually start. This move would help.

What our your thoughts?   There is a poll below.

And a final something to consider.

If / when we lose the Crows & Port to AFL reserves comp this will be perfect opportunity to go to a 21 game minor round. (3 round robin series).

Season with 3 extra games stretched out allows for this season to start at this time.

Suggestion is have 10 home games (same as current), 10 away games, and 1 game in a country zone.

Keeping an 18 game season with 8 teams would mean clubs lose a home game and income from it plus a lopsided draw with not everyone playing each other same number of times.

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Re: Should SANFL season have started this weekend?

Post by bayman on Sun Mar 17, 2019 11:52 am

Not fussed really but starting this early there is more of a chance of games being played in very hot stifling conditions, granted it could be very hot 2 weeks later as well....I’ll refrain from voting

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Re: Should SANFL season have started this weekend?

Post by Scrappy on Sun Mar 17, 2019 12:41 pm

Excellent thoughts/post PH
I voted YES to the early start

The NRL starts before the AFL
I watch NRL games this weekend, as there is no AFL/SANFL at present

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Re: Should SANFL season have started this weekend?

Post by Brucetiki on Sun Mar 17, 2019 3:47 pm

I'm not sure if it's Port/Crows wanting a week off, but it's an AFLPA demand that all AFL listed players don't play this weekend - hence why they didn't play a trial this weekend.

Only a Cornes could get outraged over that

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Re: Should SANFL season have started this weekend?

Post by goddy11 on Sun Mar 17, 2019 5:12 pm

Great thinking PhilH. I have thought the same for a few years. The AFL is running our comp. What great weather for it yesterday,  Make it a longer season as previous to showcase our GF all over Australia. I was in Poland at the time of our GF last year. Watched GF on the live stream.  The people I was with were amazed by the game and the crowd size. Our SANFL game has appeal and could have drawn a big national audience this week.

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Re: Should SANFL season have started this weekend?

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