Admin tips for Round 2

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Admin tips for Round 2

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 13, 2017 2:17 pm

Here we go again:

Norwood v Port

It’s pretty obvious that Norwood will win this one comfortably. There’s no point sitting on the fence, you only get a sore bum. (note: bum, not butt, it’s a generational thing).

Norwood at the Parade are just hard to beat and Port played as individuals last week, trying to show their individual skills to the list managers. The ‘Legs are just better balanced now and are free of the shackles of the structured system which reaped big rewards, but eventually stifled the enjoyment out of them. They’re off the leash now and will keep improving.

Norwood by 33 (points).

Glenelg v Sturt

They couldn’t do it again, could they? I suppose they could and they’re a real chance here. Sturt struggled against Adelaide last weekend, until the Crows packed up and went home. They have the edge in class, but the Bays have the edge in spirit, to the surprise of most at the Bay. I reckon Glenelg might get up here, just on the tide of emotion and noise.

Glenelg by 1 point, after the siren.

North v Central

I hope Central’s fans give me credit for not saying Centrals, plural. Roy would have politely told them to indulge in some reflection after they were beaten by Wundke last week, while North surprised most with an honorable showing last week. They might put up another honorable showing this week, but Josh Carr won’t be happy with just that.

Central need to find more goal-kickers and they’ll do that, but the Roosters at Prospect are a 26.255% better team than they are away. I was going to tip Central by 11, but now….

North by 15.255%

Eagles v West

It took the Eagles 3 quarters of ineffective footy before they eventually over-ran the red, white, blue and white and blue last week and they’ll start red-hot favourites here. The Bloods didn’t realise the game had started until the second quarter against South, but then reeled in a 5 goal deficit to lead by 10 points in the last quarter. Back to sleep, then awake again, but too late, she cried……

You’d think the Eagles, wouldn’t you? You never know, though, so an upset could be on the cards, so I’m going for:

Eagles by 45.

South v Adelaide

The big question here is whether the Crows will fly their entourage into Encounter Bay by helicopter or plane. Presuming they all arrive on time and can brave the wilds of Victor Harbor, they should get up here. The Panthers were solid against West, but will need to step it up more to win here. Their record at Encounter Bay, from memory, is 1-0, with Damien Cupido starring.

Overall and Haren had an early picnic against West, but they’ll be held here and I can see Adelaide being a bit too slick.

Adelaide by 61.

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Re: Admin tips for Round 2

Post by Bundy on Thu Apr 13, 2017 2:24 pm

The Bloods 10pts

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Re: Admin tips for Round 2

Post by bayman on Thu Apr 13, 2017 11:32 pm

admin, been on the drink ? while still correct i don' think Central colors are written down like that

i didn't think Norwood was obvious
Glenelg, good value at $2.60
Nrth in the upset of the round in a close one
Eagles, easily, some chance Wundke could kick more than West
Adelaide easily, but i'll be up the road at the Victor Harbor Cup meeting

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Re: Admin tips for Round 2

Post by Admin on Mon Apr 17, 2017 2:35 pm

Well, 4 out of 5 ain't bad.

Norwood, what are you doing?  A good crowd, sort of traditional rivals, at the Parade, and you still get rolled?  We won't be tipping you again in a hurry, at least not until next Friday night. Port obviously got a rev up from the coach and a few home truths, but it was the old problem of a SANFL player burying the 'Legs with 3 goals.

The Bays.  OK, we said by a point, but we forgot the Bays made a point.  String Bean with another 4, Josh Scott on fire, small forwards buzzing around, it was enough to lift the roof off the grandst........ oh.

Sturt - it's one thing to lose, it's one thing to have some injuries, but it seems the desire couldn't have been there, so we see the last two premiers at the foot of the table.  Don't mention 'premiership hangover'.  We did, but we think we got away with it.

We tipped North by 15% or so.  We haven't done the maths (mathS, not the American 'math', FFS), but that was around the mark.  It just proves that trial game form counts for nothing.  We all say that every year and then forget it every year.  Maybe the Roosters are a bit better than we thought.  Maybe Central are a bit worse than we thought.

Tip- Eagles by plenty. 2nd quarter - Eagles by plenty. Wundke kicks only 10.56231578% of the Eag's goals and they still win by plenty.  2 boys from the Ressies are now serious players. West fans reduced to asking in amazement "when was the last time you can remember our Reserves winning at Woodville?".Noo-one knew.

OK, so we tipped Adelaide by 61. They won, didn't they? We did say the Panthers had a great record at Encounter Bay and then ignored it, despite the fact Adelaide haven't won there in at least 100 years.

Good crowds at most games, bring on Round 3.

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