Power Rankings for Round 1

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Power Rankings for Round 1

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 06, 2017 2:39 pm

Here they are. Tell us why and where we're wrong.

Power rankings before we’ve even started!!!

1 Norwood Pretty ordinary last year, lost some good players, but recruited some good ones, too. A change of coach seems to have done wonders, so they’re the early favourites.

2 Sturt Looked the goods in the finals last year and were well coached and organised. The logical favourite, but hey, there’s some wriggle room for these rankings.

3 Port Magpies Let’s face it, we haven’t got a clue yet how they rank and it depends on injuries, etc. We’ll slot them in here for now,

4 Eagles Bit wary here. Lost some good players and looking to refresh with some younger ones. Will that take 12 months or click straight away?

5 Central We all think they’ll improve on some solid form the last season and a half. A couple of good additions and should make the finals.

6 Adelaide Can’t tell much on their trial form with a lot of development players given a run. See Port re injuries.

7 South You get the feeling they’re just hanging on. Life might have been different if they’d beaten Sturt in the finals last year.

8 West Rank them 10th on last year’s form, but their trial form with depleted sides was good. No Porps for the year and Schmidt for several weeks, though.

9 North Trial form a worry and recruiting was thin. They don’t look like the quick North we’re used to.

10. Glenelg Really ordinary trial form and not much recruiting apart from McBean. Worrying times for the Tigers.

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