SANFL Commentators - All who called

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Re: SANFL Commentators - All who called

Post by bayman on Tue Jan 10, 2017 1:09 pm

While not a commentator as in radio or tv, i thought it was worth mentioning that the great man ''24222'' wrote for the paper about the 1975 grand final, i've watched the replay & it was mentioned in the call by Max Hall (i think) that paraphrasing ''Richie Benaud was here for the grand final & reporting for his paper''

in hindsight why Kerls took Butch off Dillon at 3/4 time is beyond me, mind you had Fred kicked straight it would not have mattered, them the breaks

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Re: SANFL Commentators - All who called

Post by C.K on Tue Jan 10, 2017 1:27 pm

Big Phil wrote:
C.K wrote:
rocket_rooster wrote:I don't know if this is drawing a long bow but John Callaghan and Jim Hough call the games for the SANFL on the Internet.
Also as well as the well known media commentators like PhilH, Big Phil and CK, I believe another regular poster who may have the best all round knowledge of the SANFL of any poster was a special comments man for a North vs South game about 6 yeas ago.

My apologies, RR, I missed this post for some reason. Racking the memory banks about who you mean there?

Not Andy Lee, CK !!!

Clearly missing Hamish Blake that day Very Happy

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