The Advertiser 2015 SANFL Guide - pre-season predictions

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The Advertiser 2015 SANFL Guide - pre-season predictions

Post by Bugsy+1 on Sun Aug 02, 2015 8:21 pm

Here is how The Advertiser predicted the rankings of the SANFL teams in its pre-season guide back in March 2015:

1st - Norwood
2nd - South
3rd - Sturt
4th - Port
5th - Eagles

6th - North
7th - Central
8th - Adelaide
9th - Glenelg
10th - West

And here are the rankings for the teams as per the premiership ladder after August 1:

1st - Eagles
2nd -West
3rd - Norwood
4th - Port
5th - South

6th - Central
7th - Adelaide
8th - Sturt
9th - Glenelg
10th - North

So they got Port and Glenelg spot on (so far).

Norwood,South, Sturt and North have fallen short of expectations and Eagles and West have been the unexpected big improvers. Central are one spot higher than planned - is that because Sturt and North have turned out far weaker than planned?

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