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Winning Empty Winning

Post by Ben W on Mon Feb 20, 2012 9:04 pm

As we head forward for another season the nine SANFL clubs along with their legions of supporters will no doubt have high expectations for this season. Four will have theirs ended in the last round and four more will follow over subsequent weeks, leaving one side alone the experience of winning the Premiership alone.

Its been a long time without success for some of the sides in the SANFL, South Adelaide haven't tasted success since 1964, West Adelaide since 1983, Glenelg 1986. Yet their supporters have stuck with them despite the results on the field and having been denied the ultimate prize for so long.

What I have noticed about these three sides in particular is how hard nosed their supporters are and the camaraderie that exists between them, their immediate acceptance of one another and the way that they wear the colours of the club on their sleeve no matter what. I've watched people tear up membership cards and rant and rave after a loss, only to see them back again the following week! Only an SANFL supporter really knows how those colours affect their supporters and why it is that we just can't say no even when all is lost and its another season going down the tubes. Maybe not today, but one day the hope of winning that ultimate glory spurs us on.

I cant in words explain to you why I and many others physically can not turn our backs on our beloved clubs when it appears that all is lost. There is a school of philosophy called "Existentialism" which suggests that some things in life can only be experienced and that there is no actual explanation to tell you how we feel, the only way you can ever really understand is to become one of the nine groups and to experience it for yourself.

Strangely enough the love of winning extends to other sports followed, I have never been to England and I have never been to Hillsborough to see Sheffield Wednesday play a match, yet they are my side all the same. During the English soccer season I find myself eagerly awaiting the results, if I see that Wednesday have won a match I feel happy, if I learnt that Wednesday have lost I feel sad, or even to the point of feeling angry about the result, even though I could not have changed it in any way.

I can't tell you what I will feel on the day that South Adelaide win the Premiership, I hope its a range of mixed emotion, Hopefully initially absolute joy! ~ Perhaps mixed in with a feeling of "what happens next"? How will I cope following a side that is in fact good enough to win the flag and the struggle that I have known for 30+ appears to be over?

I made a promise to myself a number of years ago that I would get a Navy Blue Panther Tattoo if South Adelaide should ever win the flag. Truth is though I am thinking of getting it anyway for the reasons spelt out above. I am not sure what I will value more, Winning or simply the Hope of Winning. Either way I cant wait for Round 1 to get underway in Season 2012, Good luck to you and the side you follow in 2012 may you feel some of what I do and enjoy it just as much!

Ben W
Ben W

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Winning Empty Re: Winning

Post by Lee on Mon Feb 20, 2012 9:36 pm

What a great read, Ben, thanks a lot.

I completely relate to what you've written, especially about following one of the 'less successful' clubs. Many others want to only talk about the size of crowds and totally miss what it's all about and you've recognised the essence of it.

I actually attended South's last premiership, Ben.

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Winning Empty Re: Winning

Post by lachlan on Mon Feb 20, 2012 10:51 pm


A Great read mate. I have followed the bloods for 51 yrs & will continue to do so Win, Lose or Draw

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