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FOOT-e TIMES SA - Fan's Favourites Announced Empty FOOT-e TIMES SA - Fan's Favourites Announced

Post by PhilH on Tue Oct 29, 2013 4:04 pm

FOOT-e TIMES SA is proud to congratulate the winners of its 2013 SANFL MEDIA POLL.

Readers were asked to vote for their FAN’S FAVOURITE over seven categories.

Most categories received over 700 votes which was up on approx. 400 in it’s inaugural run in 2012.

Favourite SANFL Media Personality

Phil Aspinall


Phil Aspinall’s SANFL media career began in 2008 on web forum where his analysis and reports caught the eye of Life FM who offered him roles as a boundary rider & game reporter.

From there Phil has worked in just about every radio broadcast role possible moving into special comments and then last season regular play by play commentary for RPH Adelaide. He called his first grand final for the station earlier this month.

Like last years winner, Chris Kendall, Phil has a multi media profile within the SANFL.

In addition to game day radio Phil also hosts the RPH League Teams Show on Thursday Nights writes for FOOT-e TIMES SA and co-hosts SANFL internet show, The Recovery Session.

Phil was a clear winner with 38% of respondents giving him a vote, his closest finalists were the Gowans twins, Chris Kendall and Neil Cross.

Other Finalists (Alphabetical)

Dennis Browne

Grant Coffee

Neil Cross

Chris Gowans

James Gowans

Chris Kendall

Zac Milbank

2012 Winner

Chris Kendall

Favourite SANFL Radio Game Day Broadcaster

1197am RPH Adelaide

For the second straight season 1197am RPH Adelaide have claimed the mantle of being the favourite game day radio broadcaster for SANFL fans.

RPH has just concluded its 23rd season of broadcasting SANFL matches. It covered 50 games this season using a team of 10 commentators headed by veterans Darryl Smith & Dennis Browne.

The station picked up 46% of the vote with Life FM coming in second on 27%.

2012 Winner

1197am RPH Adelaide

Favourite SANFL Play By Play Commentator

Neil Cross (ABC1 & RPH)

ABC1’s long running host of it’s weekly SANFL telecast, Neil Cross, has been judged the Fan’s Favourite “Play By Play” Commentator.

In recent years Neil has also moved into radio, joining RPH’s Friday Night calling team.

He was a clear winner then followed by a closely bunched foursome of Chris Kendall, Phil Aspinall, John Nankivell & Dennis Browne.

Other Finalists (Alphabetical)

Phil Aspinall (RPH, LifeFM)

Dennis Browne (RPH)

Grant Coffee (RPH)

Chris Kendall (ABC1, RPH)

John Nankivell (LifeFM, RPH)

Stephen Rowe (FIVEaa)

2012 Winner

Michael Maney (ABC1)

Favourite SANFL Special Comments Expert

Chris Gowans (ABC1)

In 2000, Chris & his twin brother James burst onto the SANFL scene and played in a key role in guiding Central to their first flag.

Now they have done the same in making the move from player to media with Chris securing the title of Fan’s Favourites SANFL Special Comments Expert in his first season working in the booth for ABC1.

As always James was not far away followed by a 3rd former Bulldog in last years winner Grant Coffee.

Other Finalists (Alphabetical)

Brett Backwell (LifeFM)

Grant Coffee (RPH)

James Gowans (ABC1)

Rod Jamieson (891 ABC Grandstand)

Brenton Phillips (ABC1)

2012 Winner

Grant Coffee (RPH)

Favourite SANFL Support Commentator

Chris Kendall (ABC1 & RPH)

ABC 1 Boundary Rider, Chris Kendall. has won the category of Fan’s Favourite Support Commentator.

Chris was a finalist in this category last year and inaugural winner of the Fan’s Favourite Media Personality as well.

In addition to his ABC TV duties Chris is also a radio commentator on RPH and the SANFL writer for Sportsbeat.

He was a finalist in all these categories this year.

Other Finalists (Alphabetical)

Phil Aspinall (RPH, LifeFM)

Don Cooper (LifeFM)

Ben Knights (ABC1)

2012 Winner

Phil Aspinall (RPH, LifeFM)

Favourite SANFL Non Game Day Program

SANFL League Team Show
(RPH Adelaide, Thursday Nights)
Grant Coffee, Phil Aspinall & John Nankivell

Now having just finished it’s 16th season, RPH Adelaide’s SANFL League Teams Show has defended it’s title was last year as the Fan’s Favourite

Hosted by Grant Coffee, Phil Aspinall & John Nankivell the 60 minute show each Thursday night crams in at least 4 interviews with players, coaches and officials from the SANFL.

This year the League Teams Show faced a tough battle from new web show “The Recovery Session” which also polled well.

Other Finalists (Alphabetical)

Sat Morning SANFL Segment (891 ABC Adelaide)

Sun Evening SANFL Show (FIVEaa)

The Recovery Session (

2012 Winner

SANFL League Teams Show (RPH)

Favourite SANFL Writer

Zac Milbank (SANFL)

The SANFL’s Manager of Media & Publications, Zac Milbank, has won this years award as the Fan’s Favourite SANFL Writer.

Zac took on the new role at the SANFL earlier this year and has been responsible for a huge range of written and video content on the leagues web site.

He was a runaway winner from the wide field of 15 writers receiving a voted from over 45% of respondents. He was followed by the Local Footy SA tandem of Warren Partland and Jai Bednall.

Other Finalists (Alphabetical)

Phil Aspinall (FOOT-e TIMES SA)

Jai Bednall (Local Footy SA)

Chris Kendall (Sportsbeat)

Robert Laidllaw (Football Budget)

Warren Partland (Local Footy SA)

2012 Winner

Jai Bednall (Local Footy SA)

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FOOT-e TIMES SA - Fan's Favourites Announced Empty Re: FOOT-e TIMES SA - Fan's Favourites Announced

Post by Lee on Tue Oct 29, 2013 4:44 pm

Congratulations to all the winners, all well deserved.

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FOOT-e TIMES SA - Fan's Favourites Announced Empty Re: FOOT-e TIMES SA - Fan's Favourites Announced

Post by bayman on Tue Oct 29, 2013 9:18 pm

redandblack wrote:Congratulations to all the winners, all well deserved.


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FOOT-e TIMES SA - Fan's Favourites Announced Empty Re: FOOT-e TIMES SA - Fan's Favourites Announced

Post by The Hatchet on Wed Oct 30, 2013 10:20 am

good work boys, well done to all.

surprised life fm didnt pick up best radio caller though, are a fair way ahead of most there.
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